High-speed impact platform for structures

Fig.1Track, impact body and an experiment model of the impact test platform


The platform can be used to study the dynamic behavior of large-scale structures and components such as energy absorbing structures, concrete and scaled train units etc. subjected to impact loads. The length of the track is 200m. The mass of impact body is from 30 kg~3000 kg. The impact velocity is from 5m/s to 100 m/s. The total kinetic energy can reach 1MJ.

Multiple test methods can be performed to capture the dynamic response of the structures.

The impact process can be captured by a high-speed camera with 5700 fps at full resolution (1024×1024 pixels) and 15000 fps at a resolution of 1024×258 pixels. Four 200 W white LEDs (19000 lm for each LED) have been used as light sources to ensure an adequate luminous flux is supplied to CCD for such high speeds. Using the images captured, the transient speed of the impact body can be obtained by a two-dimensional digital image correlation (2D DIC) method.

Four pressure sensors are located at the bottom of the experiment model to measure the transient backplate force during the impact process. They can also capture the non-uniform distribution of the forces in order to study the asymmetric deformation and energy absorption of the experiment model.

Fig.2 Force-displacement curve and the fold formation of the tube.