Research Area of Hydrodynamics & Fluid-Structure Coupling

Hydrodynamics & Fluid-Structure Coupling area, which orients to analysis and solve the problems of mechanics of fluid-structure coupling system in the applications of the national key engineering projects, seeks to clarify the mechanisms, provide the design guideline and guarantee the safety in fluid-structure coupling systems in practical engineering. The main researches are mainly including:

  • Unsteady cavitating flow mechanism


  Stability of cavitation at different water depths

  • Mechanism and dynamic loadings of collapse of cavitation bubbles around the high-speed underwater vehicle in the out-of-water process

High-speed underwater vehicle in the out-of-water process

  • Fluid-structure coupling of high-speed vehicle during underwater launching process

 Shedding bubbles in cavitation

  • Maneuverability of new pattern vehicles in the underwater and surface navigation conditions

 Calculation of SUBOFF model's maneuverability

  • Fluid-structure coupling of the large-scale flexible airship

 Comparison between semi-rigid and flexible airship in strong wind of large attack angle

 Aerodynamic performance analysis of near space airship